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Here at EPMMI, you have brethren truly interested in nothing but your salvation and that of every member of your family and loved ones. We are working and studying relentlessly to bring to you the urgent bodies of Truth, as they are in YaHuWshuaH HaMashiach, which you and your loved ones and congregations need to escape the storm about to overtake the world, the type of which the World has never before witnessed.

In the time of the end every divine institution is to be restored.
E. G. White, 'Prophets and Kings', p. 678

Beloved, have you noticed our new Masthead? The Bible is true and please believe. Our Earth is FLAT , The Flat Earth WITH A DOMED ROOF OVER IT! Radially bounded by a massive, icy wall called Antarctica. Earth Is Immovable!!! Earth Is Not a Ball! They have fed us innumerable 'photos' of Earth from space! Not a single one of them is a photo! They are all computer-generated images! CGIs! Copernican Theory has been fact with zero proof for millennia! The conspiracy to deceive us and take away YaHuWaH from HIS Earth has failed. Big-bang Theory! Darwinian Theory! Copernican Theory! - All Theories!! Non-facts and non-truths, have reigned over us for so long we came to believe that our Earth is a globe! Our Earth is not a globe. Dubious claims of landing on the moon have been proven to be hoaxes and lies. As NASA today is expressing the impossibility of man going to the moon as they have no answer yet of how to overcome the Van Allen Radiation Belt right above our stratosphere! Limitless Deception!

On every page of this Website, is a Major Teaching or Principle which you need to study, internalize and practice, before the End comes. We stand ready to help you in any way necessary for your spiritual maturity and readiness for the on-rushing Kingdom.

Here, we have endeavored to make available to you everything you need to make the spiritual decisions that you must make, intelligently. Our pages are not designed as 'snippets', no. We have not spared time or space. We have detailed every study. We are ofcourse sensitive to your lack of time. We also believe that you will not be at this Site if your need for Salvation is not bigger than the time needed for anything else. Therefore, please be patient as you spend time here as some of our pages are fairly lengthy. We must allow Elohiym to speak freely and to hear out His every Word.

"But the word of YaHuWaH was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; ..." YeshaYahuw 28:13.

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YaHuWaH bless You and keep You and all of your loved ones. Amein.

The days of Joy are here. Honor YaHuWaH who has forgiven and blotted out all your sin. The Feast begins ";in 1 days.

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Just A Few Things About Us:
We are EPMMI - EndTime Prophecies & Medical Ministries Int'l.

EndTime Prophecies and Medical Ministries International (EPMMI) is a non-profit, religious organization, dedicated to ensuring that everyone in the World has all the information they need, to ensure the following:

  • Every one understands the truth of all major Bible Prophecies and the messages in those Prophecies that YaHuWaH intends for us to have and know.
  • To make Bible Prophecies as simple as possible for even the layest man to understand and apply to their own lives.
  • To ensure every one understands the need for them to understand human anatomy and what is needed to keep humanity very fit. Not just healthy, but fit, very fit. This is necessary for Translation.
  • To enable every one know the relationship between Sin - the transgression of Elohiym's Law, and disease and death. Without transgression, there would be neither disease nor death.
  • To join brethren around the world in the great work of repairing the Breach made in YaHuWaH's Holy Law at the time the Sabbath was changed. Those changes are as follows:
    • The change in 'Time computations'. The day does not begin or end at Midnight! This is satanic! The Day begins at Dawn and ends at Dusk. The night is not part of the Day. The NIGHT is part of the DATE, NOT the DAY, PLEASE. The Bible insists there are only 12 hours in the Day.
    • The Changes in the Law of YaHuWaH - Which was actually the diabolical substitution of a Satanic Calendar for the Divine Calendar! So it does not matter whether you worship on the Gregorian Sunday, Saturday, Tuesday or Friday, you are not worshiping YaHuWaH, El Elohaykem Yashar'el.
    • Fighting over worshiping on either Sunday or Saturday, believing Sunday to be the first day of the week and Saturday, the Seventh, is a diabolical 'red herring'! It is a diabolical 'Diversionary tactic'! The True Sabbath is not in the Gregorian Calendar!
  • That every one who desires to be part of YaHuWshuaH's Kingdom will do so. Simply believe in YaHuWaH's only Brought-forth Son, restore all divine institutions, and Follow YaHuWshuaH where ever HE IS.

We are spiritual Adventists, Preachers of the Three Angels' Messages, intent on enabling our brethren transfer their precious loyalties from the fallen, creature institution to the Creator YaHuWaH and HIS Son YaHuWshuaH.

We are ready at all times to offer Seminars to any Church, Organization or Group seeking help with Bible Prophecies. Feel free to contact us. We offer Bible Prophecies Seminars.